A young woman listens to music on her phone via her headphones

Now more than ever, it’s important to put focus on maintaining good health. Adding music to your life is one way to lessen the everyday worries. Did you know that playing an instrument, listening to music and singing can have positive health benefits? Listening to music can help reduce anxiety and has shown to lower blood pressure. Music can also improve sleep, reduce pain and improve memory. Studies have shown that music can actually strengthen different portions of the brain.

Research tells us that listening to music is great therapy as our brains age. It is always good to enjoy familiar pieces of music but listening to something new has the added benefit of taxing and challenging the brain’s ability to interpret. Learning new music can be helpful in improving one’s ability to understand conversation in a noisy environment.

Problems understanding speech in noise is one of the most common reasons to schedule a baseline hearing test. Music is one way to improve and change the brain’s ability to sharpen listening skills. Listening to music gives your brain a chance to work differently.

Studies have shown that training with music can improve one’s ability to understand speech in noise. It’s great to know that listening to music, playing an instrument or singing can reap positive benefits.

If you have musical abilities, by all means use them. Listen to music, play music, and sing out loud because there are health related benefits. If music doesn’t come naturally, you can always belt out a song in the shower or on your drive home from work. It’s never too late to start and you will give your brain a great work out.