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{I write this review for Audiologist, Sheri Gostomelsky, with great pleasure. She is smart and up-to-date on the latest and best technologies. Most importantly, she is exactly what you want in a health care provider. She takes the time to learn about you and your lifestyle. She gives you her full attention for as long as you need. Regular follow-up is part of her service so that she is assured that the hearing aids she suggested are properly adjusted and are really the right ones for you. If you need help with hearing properly, she can change your life for the better. I highly recommend her.
Gerald B.
{Dr. Gostomelsky fit me with the Lyric hearing aid back in 2009 and it has changed my life ever since. As a young working professional, I learned how important it is to clearly hear your coworkers in an office environment. The Lyric hearing aid was a game changer as it provides a nearly invisible extended wear option perfect for working professionals. I started seeing Dr. Gostomelsky when I lived in the area. However, I have since moved to Chicago, but she has always adapted to my schedule to fit me in for appointments. I highly recommend Dr. Gostomelsky for all age patients. And if your looking for an invisible option, give the Lyric a try!
Max Jacobson
{Dr Sheri Gostomelsky is wonderful. I work with my ears in the field of music, so my hearing is of heightened importance. Sheri is an excellent audiologist. And she’s really pleasant, committed to excellence, and truly listens. In today’s corporatized medical system it’s rare to find such a personable experience with a doctor.
S F.
{I am so grateful to Dr. Mark Christian for giving me my life back. All the things I loved —luncheons and dinner with my friends, live theater, lectures at conferences, phone conversations with loved ones and friends — were compromised because of poor hearing. This caused isolation and a feeling that ‘this can’t be fixed.’ Dr. Mark changed all of that. My new hearing aids are perfect for me, customized to my hearing deficits and my lifestyle. I often forget that I have a hearing problem. In the rare event that I have a problem, Dr. Mark is right on it. He is relentless in his willingness to set things straight. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Dr. Linda G.
{Just had an excellent experience at Audiology Associates of Deerfield. A very complete hearing exam supported by Sheri Gostomelsky, Au.D. gaining a thorough understanding of my background. Great insights as to the results of the tests and recommendations on next steps. Highly recommend this amazing group of professionals!
Alan B.
{I have Bilateral Menieres Disease. The hearing aids I used were so-so adequate but my husband and I knew something better was out there. After a little research, my husband found Audiology Associates of Deerfield and spoke with Dr Sheri Gostomelsky regarding my symptoms and fluctuating hearing. We made an appointment for a hearing test and consultation and Dr Sheri explained in detail about the hearing aids that would be a good fit for me. And although I’ve only had these new aids for a few days, my hearing is much clearer and more refined. Dr Sheri is very comfortable to talk with and extremely informative and her staff are attentive, courteous and professional. We highly recommend Audiology Associates of Deerfield.
Betsy G.
{Dr. Mark Christian and Deerfield Audiology are an example of a top-notch audiology practice. A high level of professionalism and customer service 'above and beyond' set them apart from other offices. Dr. Mark is wonderful to work with - he takes his time to explain, compare, adjust, and listen to your concerns. They recently helped me in an 'emergency' situation when my dog chomped my hearing aid and I had an important event in a matter of hours. Not every office would have stepped up. A wonderful group that honestly cares about their patients
Pat R.

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Fred Hershenson
Fred Hershenson
What a refreshing experience to have a healthcare professional take the time to make sure their patient receives all of the attention that required to insure that they leave their office better off than when they arrived. Dr. Sheri Gostomelsky was wonderful! Today, my wife received the best audiology examination that she has ever received and is now benefiting with the ability to hear clearly again. Priceless.
T Mays
T Mays
Dr. Christian is very patient and kind. He took his time with the hearing test and when I returned for my hearing aids, he explained everything and answered all my questions. I'm so happy I chose his office.
Rodney Burton
Rodney Burton
My hearing exam was impressively thorough, performed at a pace that allowed plenty of time for questions and discussion of all the alternatives. It was a pleasure to work with Dr. Sheri.
Heather Kolar
Heather Kolar
Dr. Mark Christian was very pleasant, meticulous attention to detail was his trademark! Pursuant to my hearing test, he determined that not only did I need a hearing aid, but he took voluminous details from his computer and came up with a great recommendation for my hearing aids. They are now on order and I am eagerly awaiting my next meeting with him to pickup my new hearing aids! If you are needing hearing aids, his practice is second to none!
Mick G.
Mick G.
From my initial call to Audiology Associates of Deerfield and Ms. Daisy who answered the phone, I knew I had found a great place to get my new hearing aids. Ms.Daisy was incredibly patient and kind in helping me set up an appointment and continued her great service when I then had to cancel and reschedule. While it was going to be at least a 45-minute drive to Deerfield, I could not have been more impressed before even stepping into the office. My appointment was set up with Doctor of Audiology, Dr. Mark Christian, someone who was personally vetted by the renowned audiologist, Dr. Cliff Olson, from Phoenix, Arizona. Even with the recommendation of Dr. Cliff, I was totally, and I mean totally blown away by the professionalism, care, kindness, and genuineness of Dr. Mark. The time he took to get to know me as a person, was unlike anything this old dude had ever experienced with the many doctors I have seen over the years. Then, when it came time to do my hearing test, Dr. Mark explained all that he was going to do, and fully prepared me for my test. Afterwards, in going over the options for my new hearing aids based on my test, he again took the time to explain the differences of the hearing aids offered, which helped me make the decision for my new pair. Ms. Daisy was then very accommodating in assisting me in setting up my appointment to come in and receive my new hearing aids, all within a week of my first appointment. Dr. Mark then took the time to explain everything about them, from how to use the application on my phone for various settings I’d be in, to how to take care of them and more. To say the service from Dr. Mark, Ms. Daisy, and Audiology Associates of Deerfield, was truly great, would be an understatement. Their personalized care surpassed all my expectations, and I have already referred family members to Dr. Mark. Lastly, to solidify this review, you know this Cubs’ fan had to be impressed to say all these nice things, because Dr. Mark is a fan of the other baseball team in town.😀 Whatever your needs are, for a truly fantastic, caring, professional audiologist and staff, the drive is well worth it, to see, Dr. Mark, Ms. Daisy and everyone associated with Audiology Associates of Deerfield. God’s blessings and thanks.
Morris Zimbalist
Morris Zimbalist
Dr. Christian is wonderful!!
Andrew Cox
Andrew Cox
Dr. Sheri Gostomelsky is absolutely fantastic. She has incredible bedside manner and really makes you feel heard (no pun intended). I recommend her and this practice to anyone seeking audiology needs. Kudos to Daisy working as front office staff. She was very approachable, friendly, and knowledgable.
Jacob Daneman
Jacob Daneman
Sheri is the best!
Lawrence Bass
Lawrence Bass
Throughout the entire engagement, Dr. Christian has been spectacular! He is friendly and caring as a professional, but even better he connects with you at a more personal level and he is able to discern actually how your hearing needs to be. Thus, my outcome was much better than I had hoped. I got what I needed and what I wanted but did not know how to ask. Beyond the 1st appointments, the after-care was no less gratifying. The entire staff is cordial and supportive. The office has a feeling of being a close knit family. If you are unsure of where to go for hearing issues or you like I had a bad prior experience, Audiology Associates is where to go.
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    thumb Deb G.

      Dr. Sheri Gostomelsky is the most compassionate healthcare professional I have ever met. She is a very skilled doctor who clearly loves her job and cares for her patients.

    thumb Robert T.

      Dr. Mark Christian and Deerfield Audiology are an example of a top-notch audiology practice. A high level of professionalism and customer service 'above and beyond' set them apart from other... read more

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      If you need a hearing test or assistance with hearings aids this is the place you need to go.
    Also during this crazy Stay At Home period they have continued to... read more

    thumb Nancy S.

      Dr.  Christian was kind, knowledgeable and patient.  I highly recommend this business.

    thumb J T.
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    thumb LInda M.

      Dr. Liz performed the most thorough and personal hearing test and diagnosis I've ever had. She explained everything and was patient with my questions and encouraging with my somewhat severe... read more

    thumb Glinda M.

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