Hearing Aid Repair & Maintenance Tips

No technology is completely immune to normal wear and tear or the occasional malfunction, but when your hearing aid isn’t working as it should, the impact is much higher than another technological malfunction you might face. It’s crucial to address the issue and get your hearing device back in working order as fast as possible.

Troubleshooting Tips for Hearing Aids

Sometimes it’s a simple fix to get your hearing aids back to their working state, and sometimes a more in-depth repair or even full replacement is necessary. Before you bring your hearing aids to a professional, here are some quick fixes you can try that may solve your issue:

Replace the battery

Remove and reinsert your hearing aid

Clean your hearing aid

Replace the wax filter

Open the close the battery compartment

Make sure rechargeable batteries are charged.

Gently brush microphones

Replace disposable domes

Check for obstructions in tubing

What To Do When Quick Fixes Don’t Work

Bring your hearing aids to Audiology Associates of Deerfield. Our in-house repair lab can solve most hearing aid problems. For more serious issues your device will be sent overnight to the manufacturer for repair. Loaner aids are always available while the repair is out.

When trouble arises, bring your hearing aids to Audiology Associates of Deerfield

Our goal is to help you get back to better hearing as quickly as possible, and we are more than happy to take a look at your hearing aids to determine what may be broken and discuss options with you to fix it.