Can I sleep with my hearing aids?

Jan 29, 2024

Can I sleep with my hearing aids? We get this question often, especially from those with severe hearing loss and folks who live alone.

It’s best practice to remove your hearing aids at night to give your ears a break. Ears, like feet, need to breathe. When moisture builds, bacteria will grow. When bacteria forms, there is always the chance of infection.

There are always exceptions. Some people alternate ears, one night wearing the right hearing aid, next night the left. Call your physician immediately if you notice an odor or see any discharge on the earpiece.

There is only one solution that is specifically designed to be worn 24-7. Lyric hearing is an extended wear hearing aid that you can sleep with and wear for several months at a time. It is available for those with mild to moderate hearing loss.

If you’re worried about hearing the doorbell, phone, or alarm, there are a multitude of alerting accessories available to address your concerns. Ask an Audiologist. We’d love to help.