Hearing Loop Systems

Learn how Audiology Associates of Deerfield can help make your home or business more accessible for hearing aid wearers.

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Hearing Loops magnetically transmit sound to hearing aids and cochlear implants using telecoils to help make homes, businesses, and other traditionally noisy locations more accessible to those with hearing difficulties. 

When installed in a space, Hearing Loops take signals from a sound source — usually a microphone or loudspeaker — and send them directly to hearing aids via the telecoils that sit inside the hearing device. This signal also eliminates background noise and makes it easier for the person to hear just the main sound source instead of the noisy environment. 

Hearing loops provide a universal way to make challenging environments accessible. Hearing aids equipped with a telecoil will connect to hearing loop systems. Telecoils are available in all major hearing aid brands, however, not included in all styles.

Hearing Loop Systems
Hearing Loop Systems

How Do I Know If a Location Has a Hearing Loop System?

Hearing Loops are usually designated with an international symbol posted in the area, and they are most common in airports, movie theaters, churches, and other large, noisy environments where hearing can be difficult even with the best hearing technology.

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