Enhance Your Hearing Aid Experience

While hearing aids can be a life changing experience, sometimes additional accessories are recommended to optimize listening. Listed below are products designed to enhance your performance.

Cleaning & Care Products

Hearing aids require regular care and maintenance to remain in working order, and keeping your device clean can not only extend the life of your hearing aid but it can also help you hear clearly for longer.

We recommend that all hearing aids wearers take time to care for their devices to ensure optimal performance. It is important to invest in the right products.


Cleaning Spray & Wipes

Proper cleaning of hearing aids is vital to maintain ear health. Using these products daily will lessen the growth of bacteria by wiping away earwax and oil without damaging the technology.


An electronic drying chamber will disinfect your hearing aids and remove moisture. Some hearing aid charging units are equipped with this feature.

Wax Filters

If your hearing aid has a replaceable wax filter, it should be changed on a regular basis. A clogged filter will significantly impact your hearing aid’s performance.
You should also take advantage of clean and checks through your audiologist, like our team at Audiology Associates of Deerfield.

Streaming Products & Apps

When listening to television, talking on the phone, or when conversations with multiple speakers are a struggle, there are accessories to help.

Assistive Listening Devices

When hearing aids are not an option there are simple devices to assist with communication. Just ask us.

Captioned Phones and Amplified Phones

A captioned phone has a built-in display that transcribes telephone calls into text on a screen. An amplified phone will make speech louder and is available corded or cordless. Amplified and captioned phones are available at no cost with certification through a hearing care professional, so contact Audiology Associates of Deerfield today if you are interested in getting one for yourself.

TV Streamers

Hearing aids can be wirelessly connected to your TV or home theatre. The streamer is paired to your hearing aids and plugged into the TV. This allows you to hear through your hearing aids at a comfortable volume, while the TV volume is adjusted independently.

Remote Microphones

A remote microphone allows for one-on-one listening. The microphone is paired to your hearing aid and the person you are conversing with wears the microphone. The microphone sends the speaker’s voice directly into your hearing aids for easy conversation. There are a variety of remote microphones intended for multiple talkers.


Most hearing aid manufacturers have dedicated apps to allow for adjustment of volume and situation. Apps can allow for wireless connection for phone calls, streaming music, podcasts, or audio books. Apps can allow for GPS tracking to help locate a lost hearing aid. There are apps for fall detection and health monitoring.

Remote Controls

For those with dexterity issues or if you are without a smart phone, a remote control can be used to allow for adjustment of volume, situation or to connect to accessories such as a TV streamer.

For more information on ways to enhance your hearing aid experience, reach out to Audiology Associates of Deerfield.