Take Care of Your Ears

Feb 8, 2024

You take care of your eyes and teeth. Do you take care of your ears? Most of us visit an Optometrist and Dentist on a regular basis for preventive care. Most people don’t see an Audiologist until there’s a problem. And sometimes it is too late.

Hearing loss is a chronic medical condition that escapes no one. As we age, so do our ears. Preventive care can, however, have a positive impact.

Hearing protection like sunglasses or a mouthguard can be custom fit or purchased over the counter. An Audiologist will show you how to select the right type of gear required for your particular needs, demonstrate handling, and proper insertion. With custom-made earpieces, measurements can be taken to ensure that adequate protection is achieved.

Aural hygiene, like oral hygiene is very important. Just like an accumulation of tartar on your teeth needs removal, so does earwax. And if there’s enough of a build-up, hearing is affected. Ears are designed to self-clean. Some ear canals are narrow, causing wax and skin to get trapped. Using cotton swabs will push the wax in deeper. A professional ear cleaning will assure that the wax is safely removed.

When vision requires correction, wearing glasses or contact lenses is always an option. When a tooth is missing, an implant, bridge, or crown is designed. When hearing is at a point of needing correction

hearing aids, assistive devices, or implants may be recommended.

Hearing connects us to each other. When you hear better, you will think better!

When you squint, you get your eyes checked. When you can only chew on one side, you call the dentist. Before you struggle to listen, call an Audiologist. We’d love to meet you.