The HearingUp Network and Best Practices

Mar 8, 2024

One of the best ways to find an Audiologist who will take the right steps in providing hearing care is through the network. Cliff Olson Au.D., created this group to connect consumers with Audiology Clinics that provide the exceptional service necessary when it comes to fitting prescriptive hearing aids.

Doing things the right way the first time always saves time in the long run. Hearing treatment, whether if it’s for protection or improvement of hearing, involves certain protocols to assure your success.

All network providers are vetted so that no steps are missed in your treatment. Most consumers don’t notice missteps until there is disappointment with their results.

The hearing aid or earpiece is only part of the solution you invest in. Customized ear protection and hearing aids are only as good as the way they are fit.

Make the right choice the first time.

Choosing a provider, like Mark Christian Au.D., through, assures that the care you receive is exactly the care that you deserve.