The roads are calling

Mar 18, 2024

Now that winter has passed, it’s time to dust off your motorcycle. If you are a biker, I bet that you have leathers, hopefully a helmet, and other gear to protect you from the elements.

The next time you hop on your bike, think about protecting your ears. Riding a motorcycle puts you at risk for losing your hearing.

A Harley at idle registers at 80 decibels which is safe listening for 8 hours. When the engine is revved, the noise will spike to unsafe listening levels. An unmuffled Harley engine can put out 120 decibels, equivalent to an emergency vehicle siren. At that volume, it takes less than 15 seconds to injure your ears.

I know what you’re thinking. Earplugs aren’t comfortable. Earplugs block out what I need to hear. This is not true. There are both custom and non-custom earplugs that will allow you to hear speech and traffic with clarity and will help block the wind.

Custom earpieces can be designed to sit well with your helmet. With a laser scan of your ears or set of ear impressions, comfortable earpieces can be created for you. Injury from noise results in permanent damage. Protect what you have. It’s easy to do.

An audiologist will put you in the right lane. And your ears will thank you.