Specialized earplugs and custom hearing protection

Damage to your ears caused by loud noise or music is irreversible, but the good news is that with ear protection, this harm is preventable. It’s always a good idea to keep ear plugs handy.

Using tools for home improvement such as a nail gun or chain saw are loud enough to damage your hearing. Working outdoors with a leaf blower, gas lawn mower or snow blower can potentially damage your ears without the use of ear protection.

Crowd noise at spectator sports can reach dangerous levels. It’s always best to pack a set of ear plugs. If you race cars or own a motorcycle, make sure that your ears are properly protected.
Listening to live music creates potential for hearing loss. If you’ve ever left a concert when your ears were stuffed, plugged, or ringing, the damage has been done. Professional and amateur musicians are at risk for permanent changes in hearing. It’s important to get young musicians into the good habit of using ear protection.

When you are invited to a party with a DJ or live music, the volume may be at unsafe levels. Popping a balloon can actually be as loud as a gunshot. These are perfect times when ear plugs should be used. Bars are noisy places. A bartender or bouncer would be wise investing in custom earmolds.

Mobile devices and tablets can do measurable damage if the volume is set too high. Most devices have volume limiters and there is usually clear indication if you are listening at unsafe levels. Consider listening at safe levels, even if that guitar riff needs an extra lift.

For anyone who uses firearms for sport, there is ear protection designed specifically for this purpose. Protection is activated immediately upon impact. Don’t believe that a single shot can’t do damage. It can.

If you don’t have ear protection handy, walk away from what’s loud. Always protect children by distancing them from the sound source. Cover your ears with your hands.

No matter what situation you find yourself in, it’s all about the volume; how loud and how long. The louder the sound and the closer you are to the sound increases the risk of permanent damage to your ears. Download a sound level meter app to measure loudness in real time.

I’m sure most of you would agree that you’d rather schedule an appointment to be fit with ear protection instead of hearing aids. Take care of the ears that you have because you only get one set. It bears repeating.