We’re Still HEAR to Help

Audiologists, Sheri Gostomelsky and Mark Christian are ready to help via telehealthCommunication is critical during these challenging times. Rest assured the hearing care you know and trust is still available. Call us first. Most questions and concerns can be easily handled over the phone. We are monitoring our calls all day long. Please leave a detailed message, and we will return your call promptly.

Improve Your Hearing

If you currently wear hearing aids remote adjustments may be available. We have fully activated telehealth services. If you are thinking about getting hearing aids, call us to set up a complimentary consultation to guide you through this process.

Get Hearing Aids Repaired

One-on-one telehealth conferences with one of our providers are available. We can also schedule a one on one contactless appointment by using a drop box at our office.

Help Loved Ones Hear Better

Call us to set up a complimentary video consult. We can help you navigate various solutions to help your loved ones.

Help Manage Tinnitus

Virtual face to face consultation is always available.

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