You Had Your Hearing Evaluated, Now What?

Dec 13, 2023

If you’ve been in to see an Audiologist, congratulations on taking the first step. An Audiologist  can address concerns with balance, tinnitus, and hearing. But what happens next? 

If there were no issues detected, lucky you. We’ve sent you home and showed you how to protect  your ears from preventable damage to loud sounds. When there are concerns that need to be  addressed, we will take the time to learn about you and make a plan for treatment.  

If balance or dizziness is an issue, this should always be shared with your physician and other  health care professionals that take part in your well-being. A visit or two with an Audiologist who  is qualified to evaluate and treat balance can in most cases, have you walking out the door feeling  better. Your wellness is our priority and we want to help you safely navigate your environment. 

When tinnitus is bothersome, we can help reduce the angst and stress associated with those  unwanted ear noises. While living with tinnitus is a struggle, an Audiologist will work to find  strategies and customize a plan to give you relief. A variety of solutions to ease the tinnitus and  lifestyle changes can help to make the days easier. Avoiding negativity and taking care of yourself  helps. Relaxation can be an integral part of successful treatment. 

Improving and protecting hearing is the most common reason to see an Audiologist. Understanding  where struggles lie and learning what is important to improve communication is where we start.  After all, life expectancy and the quality of life is improved with social interaction. Choosing  solutions to improve hearing and associated follow-up should be uniquely designed. Providing  ear protection and understanding how to properly use it is critical to maintaining the one set of ears  you already have. 

Audiologists improve the quality of life. Reach out and let us help. We’re waiting for you.