Why you should see an Audiologist

Jun 24, 2024

When asked what we do for a living, we often feel that the person we’re talking to has no idea of what an Audiologist can do.

Yes, we help people with hearing and balance. We educate on ear protection and provide relief for those with tinnitus. We teach the skills needed for better listening. We clean ears. But we believe that Audiologists do so much more. Audiologists improve the quality of life.

  • An Audiologist can help to alleviate the negative effects of social isolation. Studies confirm that participation in social activities can increase one’s lifespan.
  • An Audiologist can help to reduce the risk of falling. Untreated hearing loss results in a higher incidence of injury and hospitalizations.
  • An Audiologist will have a positive impact in supporting brain health. A hearing loss that is left untreated has negative consequences. When you hear better, you think better.
  • An Audiologist is someone who wants to help you age gracefully. We want you to be connected to those who love you and keep you on your feet, living life, and enjoying what surrounds you.