As we age, there are so many changes to our bodies, ears included. Most often, hearing loss sneaks up on us. We are usually the last ones to notice that we need help.

Someone asked me the other day, “Why should I get my hearing checked?” Here is the most important reason; untreated hearing loss does harm. When the brain has to work harder to listen, it takes energy away from memory and our ability to think. Research links untreated age-related hearing loss to isolation and an increased risk of reduced memory and skills related to thinking.

It’s a fact that of the 48 million people with hearing loss, the majority are under the age of 65. Don’t assume that your hearing is fine if you are a millennial, adolescent or just had that double nickle birthday. Get a baseline hearing screening.

Here’s the good news. The brain has a remarkable ability to reorganize itself. The brain can be retrained by listening to everyday sounds and conversation which may require proper hearing aids. Removing the strain on listening allows your brain to focus on memory and comprehension, sharpening those abilities.

Yes, brain health is the new buzz word.

Stay vital. If you haven’t had your hearing checked, what are you waiting for?