Listening vs Hearing

Dec 20, 2023

We hear with our ears, but how we understand happens at the level of the brain. Research has
proven that hearing loss causes changes to the brain. And not in a good way. As an Audiologist,
maintaining normal brain function is the most important reason to treat the mildest of hearing
losses with hearing aids.

Providing volume specifically where it is needed is the easy part of correcting a hearing loss. An
Audiologist with proper equipment will be able to make sounds audible. Soft sounds should be
heard, average conversation should be comfortable and loud sounds should never be painful.

The brain, however, is responsible for interpreting, processing, and separating speech from
noise. This is where the art and skill in fitting hearing aids is important. We all have varied
abilities to hear and understand. Based on an individual’s brain function it is possible to design a
solution to maximize one’s potential.

Listening involves both hearing and interpreting the signal and it is possible to measure
both. The more information we gather allows us to create an individualized plan that is
designed in the best interest of each patient. Yes, hearing is complicated.

When you see a professional, correcting hearing will involve more than just ears. We will focus
on what us important to your health. A healthy brain can pave the way for a better life. Make an
appointment to see an Audiologist.
You’ll be glad you did.