Invest in better hearing

May 1, 2024

The purchase of hearing aids can be in its simplest form, transactional. Any product you purchase is a commodity. A hearing aid is a perfect example of this.

Self-treatment is perfectly fine. We see it in podiatry, eye care, and dentistry. Self-treating can be a great way to get started. When satisfaction declines, then it’s time to see an Audiologist.

An improperly fit hearing aid can lead to a bad experience. These are the folks who end up putting their hearing aids in a dresser drawer. The lesson learned is that hearing aids are only part of the solution.

Care by a professional with proper counseling, training, and fitting to prescription will lead to your success. That is the value of seeing an Audiologist.

The process of improving hearing is complicated. What we do know is that fitting hearing aids combines both science and art. This is done with careful balance, holding the needs of each individual paramount. Satisfaction is higher when the ears are clear and when proper steps are taken to evaluate and measure. Care may also include retraining your listening skills, and follow-up should be a continuous process.

Success with hearing aids is possible. In a perfect world, exceptional care would be our wish.

Talk to someone who is unhappy with their hearing aids. Most of the time, the level of care was inadequate or non-existent.

It is prudent to invest in better hearing with the help of an Audiologist. An Audiologist can demonstrate benefit and educate on what is possible. Doing things the right way saves time, and satisfaction is greater. You won’t regret taking the extra steps. Reach out to us to get started.