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Any product you purchase is just that. It’s simply a product. A hearing aid is a perfect example. Simply put, purchasing hearing aids can be transactional. In the wrong hands, an improperly fit hearing aid can create a very bad experience. Ask anyone who is unhappy with their hearing aids. Those are the folks that end up putting their hearing aids in a dresser drawer. When it comes to hearing health, hearing aids are only part of the solution. Care by a professional, proper counseling, training and fitting hearing aids to prescription will assure success. That is the value of seeing an Audiologist.

Correcting hearing is quite different from correcting vision. 20/20 does not exist in improving hearing. With that said, it is true that there have been amazing advancements in hearing technology. Some say that they hear better in noise than the friends that they dine with.

In a perfect world exceptional care would be the goal of most Audiologists. Self treating is perfectly fine. We see it in podiatry, eye care and dentistry. Self treating is a solution and a way to get started. When satisfaction declines, it’s time to see an Audiologist. We can help.

The process of improving hearing is complicated. What we do know with hearing is that fitting combines both science and art. Fitting hearing aids needs to be done with careful balance, holding the needs of each individual paramount. Satisfaction is higher if the ear channel is clear, when proper steps are taken to evaluate, when hearing aids are fit using best practices, measures are taken to retrain listening and when followup is continuous. Excellent care equates success.

Invest in better hearing. It’s worth it to see an Audiologist. We can demonstrate benefit and educate on what is possible. You won’t regret taking the extra steps.