Connecting With Your Audiologist

Apr 3, 2020

As we shelter in place, there are challenges to get even the simplest tasks done. The one thing to  remember is that if you need help with your hearing aids, call your Audiologist. Even though we  are not physically in the office, most issues can be resolved without a traditional office visit. 

Troubleshooting over the phone has resolved many of the problems patients have called to  discuss over the past month. It’s often as simple as changing a filter or cleaning wax off from the  hearing aid.  

When having a phone conversation is not enough, video conferencing is available. It is  sometimes easier to explain when you can see exactly what to do. All that you need is an internet  connection and computer or smartphone. 

Most new hearing aid technology can be fit and programmed without physical contact. We  haven’t fully appreciated the ability to work remotely until now. Adjusting your hearing aids remotely varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Any new fitting needs to be done in a  manner that complies with state licensing laws. 

In an emergency, there are apps to turn your smartphone into an amplifier. Ear Machine is  available for iPhone while Android users can download the Petralex Hearing Aid app. With a  pair of headphones or earbuds you can easily set up a temporary solution. Our doors may be closed, but if you are having a problem, please call us and leave a message.  We are learning how to be creative and want you to hear your best. Let us know what we can do  to help you. We miss seeing you.