Family watching television

Patients enter our practice when they notice that something has changed with their hearing and the treatment of choice is commonly the fitting of hearing aids. Each of us have unique challenges, some which require more assistance than the hearing aids are capable of providing. Even with the best fit of hearing aids, there will be difficult situations.

When hearing aids aren’t enough, don’t despair. There are a multitude of accessories to help. Let your Audiologist know the situations where better hearing is required.

If hearing conversation on a landline phone presents challenges, there are amplified and captioned phones available. Residents of Illinois are entitled to both solutions at no charge. Cell phone amplifiers are also complimentary. Most hearing aids can now be connected to a smartphone. Streaming sound to both ears can make listening much easier.

Having a telecoil feature built into the hearing aid can send speech, music or audio directly to the hearing aids with the right setup. A room that is looped works beautifully. Hearing loops can be found in public venues and a loop can be easily installed for home use. A telecoil will also provide better hearing on the phone.

If listening to television is a struggle, there are wireless attachments available. Hearing aid manufacturers have accessories to help enjoy hearing the television without disturbing those around you. There are also wireless headsets and speakers available for purchase.

Remote microphones and FM systems will bring the spoken word directly to your ears. These accessories have been available for a long time and are getting smaller and better every year. It is unfortunate that these products are under used because they provide exceptional benefit.

When listening through hearing aids with accessories is not helping and answering the phone requires handing the receiver to someone else, it is time to explore cochlear implants. A qualified surgeon can walk you through the process to understand what is possible.

Don’t give up because there are many paths to better hearing. The choices are yours and technology is at its best. Reach out to your Audiologist. We’d love to help you on your journey.