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We don’t often consider the impact that hearing loss has on our mental health. There is research that explores how relationships and self-confidence can be negatively affected by hearing loss.

Untreated hearing loss can result in anxiety and feelings of depression. As the hearing loss becomes more severe in degree, avoiding social activities also increases. Engaging in conversation becomes a challenge and can snowball into avoiding interactions with others. When asked to repeat multiple times, it can be embarrassing or frustrating for both parties. When we strain to listen, more time is spent unscrambling the message and in doing so, the opportunity to construct a reply is lost.

Baby boomers with hearing loss raise our awareness of these concerns. Studies show that hearing loss that is not addressed can affect relationships, socialization and satisfaction with life in general. The good news is that wearing hearing aids has positive effects on the quality of life including better relationships.

If you haven’t had your hearing checked, the time is now. See an Audiologist. Stay healthy and engaged. After all, no one should miss life’s little moments.