Take Care of Your Ears

You take care of your eyes and teeth. Do you take care of your ears? Most of us visit an Optometrist and Dentist on a regular basis for preventive care. Most people don't see an Audiologist until there's a problem. And sometimes it is too late. Hearing loss is a...

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Can I sleep with my hearing aids?

Can I sleep with my hearing aids? We get this question often, especially from those with severe hearing loss and folks who live alone. It's best practice to remove your hearing aids at night to give your ears a break. Ears, like feet, need to breathe. When moisture...

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Connecting With Your Audiologist

As we shelter in place, there are challenges to get even the simplest tasks done. The one thing to  remember is that if you need help with your hearing aids, call your Audiologist. Even though we  are not physically in the office, most issues can be...

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Dr. Gostomelsky with patient at the Audiology Associates of Deerfield office

Don’t Panic If Your Hearing Aids Fail You

Life can be stressful, and certainly the past few weeks have placed us in a situation that we were  not prepared for. Anxiety is heightened and many of us are worried about the health of our families,  our businesses, and the economy. The list is long and...

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Hearing Screening vs Hearing Test

We frequently see patients who have questions about hearing screenings. They want to know what  makes a hearing test different from a hearing screening. A screening is typically free of charge. An  evaluation most often comes with a cost.  A...

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Dr. Gostomelsky doing a hearing evaulation for patient at Audiology Associates of Deerfield

How It Feels to Have a Hearing Loss

The experience of being home has certainly changed the way we live and the way we  communicate. Socializing is now done at a distance and is limited at best. Modern technology  has provided us with the ability to communicate virtually. This wonderful...

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