As the Saying Goes, You Get What You Pay For…

As the Saying Goes, You Get What You Pay For…

Getting your hearing evaluated is so much more than a “free hearing test.” The free test is a proven way to get you in the door. It is great marketing, done to sell you a product.

At Audiology Associates of Deerfield, we take evaluating hearing seriously because it is a critical part of your health and well-being. After completing an evaluation, we often hear “I have never had a hearing test like this,” which makes us wonder what other practices do. We commit to best business practices and use the gold standard of care in all that we do. Our evaluation includes:

  • e-patient®, an interactive patient-driven approach
  • Thorough case history
  • Otoscopic examination and ear cleaning
  • Air and bone conduction measurements
  • Measurement of softest speech
  • Measurement of speech clarity
  • Speech-in-noise testing
  • Loudness discomfort
  • Tinnitus matching
  • Anything else medically necessary to make the proper diagnosis

Our equipment is state of the art and calibrated annually.

Evaluating hearing should not be about the sale of a product. It should be about assessing and addressing individual needs. Understanding our patients’ health histories and knowing what is important to them helps us guide our patients in making the right decisions. Medical intervention may be required and, yes, in the end, hearing assistance may be the solution.

We are proven to be different. We believe that hearing is critical to connecting with the world around you. We ensure that we take the time to understand what is important to you and our appointments may be a little longer than average because we believe in a comprehensive approach — talk to our patients and check our online reviews to see how we’re different.

We’d love to take care of you.

Written by Dr. Sheri Gostomelsky, Au.D.
Audiology Associates of Deerfield