It always amazes me how frequently this question pops up. Who would ask for a monocle when both eyes need correction? Yet when it comes to ears, it’s a common request. Our hearing is at it’s best when the ears work as a team and there are three major benefits.

The first is better hearing in environments which are less than quiet. Hearing in noise is best accomplished with the assistance of two ears. We hear with our brain and when it gets noisy, one side sifts through the noise while simultaneously the other side listens for speech. With all of this natural filtering, most of us can understand in the presence of background noise, even if it means that we have to lean in little closer.

The second benefit is directionality. Think about a time while you were driving and heard an emergency vehicle. You knew where the vehicle was headed because together, your ears allowed you to localize where the siren was coming from. Direction of sound is possible only with two ears. Without two working ears, when someone speaks at a distance you’d find yourself spinning in circles.

Lastly, there is evidence that understanding speech is enhanced with the use of two ears. Using both ears sharpens the way we perceive speech. When the ears are working in combination it is also possible to hear from farther away.

Sometimes it’s not a choice to fully hear with both ears. This poses challenges but the good news is, there are solutions to help. Don’t let this hold you back from seeking treatment. Take the next step to hear your best. Schedule an appointment to see an Audiologist. We’ve got a lot to show you.