After hearing test in Deerfield

We often joke about missing bits of conversation as our hearing changes, but do we consider the consequences? It’s not just about what we didn’t hear, because besides personal loss, we should consider the big picture. Our hearing impacts everyone around us.

If you are a business owner, how would it appear to a customer or valued employee when you clearly didn’t hear what they said? Would they think you didn’t care? Or that they aren’t important to you? Would you miss the opportunity to educate someone as they work on crafting a decision? Was the potential for a new customer lost in that moment?

As a medical professional, not hearing a patient or client could certainly change an outcome. That in itself would frighten any patient under your care. You could be engaged in thought, perhaps you turned your back to wash your hands or were engrossed in taking notes and didn’t hear an important piece of information. This has happened. It could affect treatment, followup or a recommendation. None of us ever want to be that patient.

Consider a classroom teacher missing a student’s plea for assistance or the shy, soft spoken student who finally got the courage to speak and their voice was not heard. Teachers are our greatest resource. Teachers are role models and the impression they make changes lives.

As a member of the judicial community whether a lawyer, court stenographer or judge, consider the impact of testimony that is partially heard. None of us would want to be represented by someone making decisions on what they thought they heard or have inaccurate documentation because a few important words were misheard.

The list goes on. These examples are real and come from from personal experience and are reasons why an appointment was scheduled for a hearing evaluation. From my perspective. It’s a tragedy when it comes to this. It’s quite accepted to get your eyes checked and teeth checked but not common to get your ears checked. If hearing care was in line with vision and dental care in the U.S., less of these situations would come to light.

Keep in mind that that your hearing impacts relationships that you have with others. We don’t know what we’re missing if we haven’t heard it. If you haven’t had your hearing checked, please make time to do so. You’ll be glad you did.