Welcome To The New Way of Working

There have been a lot of firsts. Very few, if any of us were prepared to be working in a new and different way. It is so important to concentrate on what we can do. Not what we can’t do. We are doing what is possible and while it might look different, know that we are still here to help you.

There will be no people waiting as you enter our beautiful office, but you will see us all smiling through our masks. You can take home the recent issues of Rolling Stone, BonAppétit and People. Sorry that there will not be a large jar of chocolates to dip your hand into, but there will be flowers. That is a promise. And during this time, we will continue to find out what is important to you.

Look for us in our snazzy new scrubs. Yes, we will be wearing masks and face shields, and our hands will be gloved. We may be awkward as we figure out how to do tasks that used to come easily. We’re going to figure out how to pave the new way.

We have learned that there is so much we can do without physical contact. Just because we are operating differently, doesn’t mean that you won’t get the same care. Telehealth allows us to see you, provide consultation, answer your questions, and even make hearing aid adjustments all in the privacy and comfort of your home. Dropping off hearing aids without physical contact is also possible.

We love our patients and we love what we do. Our promise is to make you comfortable and keep you safe. One patient at a time.

It will be different for a while and that’s okay. Keep smiling with your eyes. We’ll be smiling back at you.