baby with headphones

25% of school age children have hearing loss. Are you surprised? Gone are the days when after school, kids ran around outside, sat down with a board game, or played with a deck of cards. In most homes, kids are connected. They listen to media through their headphones at levels that are way too loud.

If you have kids or grand kids, be their advocate. Talk to them about keeping the volume at 50%. In many cases, the volume can be limited to keep media at a safe level. Set guidelines on how many hours devices are used for. Let them know that turning the volume down will save their ears from damage down the road.

If they play a musical instrument, protecting ears is also a must. And if you’re lucky enough to have a youngster cut your lawn, make sure that they put on a pair of foam earplugs. Learning good habits early will carry on to adulthood.

So many of us wish that we knew about the importance of protecting our ears at an early age. Together, let’s educate this next generation to make good choices.