When I think of tinnitus it reminds me of an unwanted dinner guest. The person that you did not expect to enter your home and unfortunately ended up sitting through a dinner you’ve hosted. They speak and act in a way that irritates you and your guests. You smile and are polite even though they have truly overextended their stay.

Anyone who has tinnitus or ear noises certainly did not invite this distraction to enter their lives. Those of us who are lucky can ignore tinnitus and that is the best of all scenarios.

Unfortunately, some of us are annoyed or even tortured by the noises they hear. That’s when it’s time to seek help. I cringe when I hear that a medical provider said, “Just learn to live with it.” That’s exactly the right time to get a second opinion.

Tinnitus is personal and not everyone gets the same result or success with every treatment plan or solution. When tinnitus is at it’s worst, what works well for one individual may have the opposite effect on another.

Finding a new normal is always a challenge. Quiet environments tend to make tinnitus louder. If reading was your pleasure, it may be quite difficult with tinnitus. Perhaps listening to books on tape would provide an alternative. Taking a nap may pose challenges. Try turning on music as a distraction.

We know that living with tinnitus for some is a nightmare. The unwanted dinner guest will eventually leave. Tinnitus stays. If you or someone you know sufferers from ear noises, seek out the help of an Audiologist who specializes in tinnitus. We’d be happy to hear from you.