When you think of treating hearing loss, do you think of a large beige looking banana shape?  Something that whistles and only works occasionally? If so, then you need to open up to what is really happening in the world of hearing treatment. We have been carrying, “smart” hearing devices for several years now.

What is a, “Smart Hearing Device?” These are devices that can be paired to our phones, tablets, and adjust automatically to the world you are living in.  Imagine going to a restaurant and your device adjusts to your location and changes the way you hear for that specific restaurant. These are discreet and powerful devices.  They come in many types of models and do not whistle when you hug someone.

Have you heard of FaceTime? It is a way to talk with someone with live video of their call. What is so great about this technology is that you are hearing the person through your Smart Devices as well as seeing their face.  When you have the visual component as well, you are much less likely to miss something they said.

A recent article from the Baylor College of Medicine notes how new technology, especially Bluetooth-equipped hearing aids, are helping people stay connected. Previous generations required wearing another bulky device around your neck.  We have many devices that have complimentary applications on your phone. These applications can help you sleep, focus, and find your devices if they get lost!

Those old whistling contraptions and bulky devices around your neck are long gone. And that’s a good thing! We now have many more options for hearing loss that help up to 30% better in noise than previous technology, GPS locators, and better-than-ever music capabilities.

Here is a YouTube Video of an audiologist talking about one of the many brands of Smart Hearing Technology. Talk to Dr. Sheri, Dr. Mark, or me (Dr. Liz) to see which kind is best for you!