Father and son looking up hearing aid apps online

In the world of better hearing, there are many downloadable apps to help enhance our lives. I’d like to share with you a few of my favorites. Most require using headphones or a set of earbuds. And if you are an Android user like me, some of these apps are only available for an iPhone.

For those who need a little extra hearing help, check out the Ear Machine, developed by Northwestern University. It’s great for that occasional moment when you need speech to be a little louder and clearer. With a good set of headphones, you will hear every word! And if you benefit from using this, consider seeing an Audiologist for a customized solution.

If you know someone who listens to the TV way too loud or complains that background music drowns out the speech on TV shows, download Tunicity (for iOS and Android). Tunicity will stream live TV programs through a smartphone. If you want to hear the audio while in a noisy sports bar, it works well for that too!

Tinnitus sufferers should check out Relax Noise 3 (Android only), an app which allows you to select a variety of sounds to mask or cover up your own ear noises. This can assist with relaxation or a good night’s sleep. If you hear tinnitus in only one ear and you have never had a hearing evaluation, make the time to schedule one with an Audiologist.

Roger Voice Caption Calls is an app that will provide you with a visual transcript of your phone conversation. If hearing on your cell phone is difficult, consider giving this app a try. Using vision and hearing can be a big asset, especially if the information is important in making health or financial decisions.

Finally, Hear Coach, a listening app, is offered by Starkey Labs. Research shows that training your brain to listen is truly an asset to better hearing. The games may seem silly, but practicing better listening skills will carry over to improvement in real life situations.

The best news is, all of these apps are free of charge. If you think of anyone that would benefit from using these apps, please share this blog post. You could change someone’s life.