This is the most exciting time for anyone who wears a hearing aid. Technology has never been better and it changes rapidly. As an Audiologist who works with 6 major manufacturers, its getting pretty hard to keep up. Even the simplest solutions are packed with great features. Computer chips process at lightning rate speeds. Hearing in the presence of background noise is better than ever. Oticon has this nailed down.

Yes, the features found in a Fitbit or Apple Watch can be integrated in a device that rests above your ear. This hearing system can sense when you fall and send an alert for assistance. Real time language translation is now available. Imagine checking into a hotel in Paris and being able to converse without knowing a single word of French. Artificial intelligence is here and getting better every day. Thank you, Starkey Hearing Technologies.

Worried about the way they look? There are invisible solutions. Lyric is a device akin to extended wear contacts. Imagine no care involved. Better yet there’s a surgical implant, Esteem. The Earlens is another implantable solution that requires the skill of a physician. And more often than not, patients are surprised to see that a behind the ear style is very discreet. Signia has a new and interesting sleek design.

No batteries to change. How does that appeal to you? Finally, rechargeable solutions without the flaws we’ve encountered previously. Lithium ion batteries are lasting longer and taking less time to charge. We are patiently waiting to add custom solutions to the rechargeable mix. We know that fuel cells are coming to market in the not so distant future. This will take powering hearing aids to a whole new level. Widex, we are waiting.

Phonak still holds court with the only direct to Android solution but hold tight, we hear that Resound is working with Google to add this capability to their portfolio of products.

Water and moisture is no longer an issue with behind the ear products. No more worrying that your hearing aid will stop working due to perspiration or humidity.

As a side note, direct connection by listening through a hearing loop with a telecoil is one of the best kept secrets. It’s great to see that telecoils are included in many of the new technology platforms.

There are so many amazing choices in technology, and the bottom line is, if you are fit properly, you can’t go wrong. Visit an Audiologist. We’d be happy to help you. And get excited because we certainly are.