An ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctor consults with a patient who is concerned about sudden hearing loss

Here’s a topic that bears repeating; sudden hearing loss. A sudden change of hearing in one ear is something to be concerned about and requires immediate attention. Many professionals don’t realize that losing hearing suddenly is a medical emergency. There is a short window of opportunity to treat the ear. In some cases the hearing will return, and sometimes there is no resolve. The change in hearing can be permanent.

You may notice that your ear feels plugged or find that when you pick up the telephone, hearing out of one ear is difficult. While laying in bed, you roll onto the other side and realize that you no longer hear the television, when just a moment ago you were listening with ease. Putting on a set of earphones that always streamed through both ears all of a sudden sounds one sided. Other symptoms may include tinnitus or ear noises and dizziness.

If there is concern with loss of hearing in one ear, schedule a hearing test as soon as possible. If results confirm your suspicion, and there is measurable damage to the inner ear, you will be referred to an Otolaryngologist or a physician that specializes in ears. Taking immediate action allows for a better chance of recovery. When calling for an appointment, tell the scheduler that the loss is sudden and insist that you need to be seen right away.

If you or anyone you know discovers that hearing in one ear has changed or is in any way compromised, see a professional immediately. A quick response is always in your best interest. Ask an Audiologist for help. We’ll make sure to get you on the right path.