I heard you but have no idea what you said.

Ever have a conversation that went this way?

Q: “Is your watch accurate?”
A: “Yes, I have plenty of of legroom.”

That was my daughter and I in the car last week. It’s obvious that she didn’t hear the question I asked. A lot of laughter followed.

We all have moments when we miss the clarity or understanding of speech. Even those of us with perfectly normal hearing experience sound voids. As our hearing worsens, the moments of misunderstanding increase.

Maybe you have a cold. This can affect how you hear if the cold settles in your ears. Middle ear fluid, an ear infection or pressure behind the ear drum can be managed by a physician. If your symptoms don’t improve, schedule an appointment.

Ear wax is another culprit. When there is enough of a buildup you may find yourself asking people to repeat or turning up the volume on the TV or radio. Ear wax is treatable. An Audiologist or Physician can help you.

A hearing loss that originates at the hearing nerve is what most adults commonly have. When conversations are peppered with enough “whats” and “huhs” it’s time to get your hearing checked.

See an Audiologist when you find yourself misunderstanding conversations. Our ears are the connection to the world around us. Wouldn’t you like to be part of the conversation?