As a consumer, it is difficult to know the right questions to ask. When someone calls our office for the first time, it’s common that the first question is about price or product. We get that. It’s usually all that the caller knows to ask. Our job is to educate so that you are an informed consumer.

Where you go for hearing care can make a difference to your overall success. If purchasing hearing aids is only transactional, then shopping for price is the way to go. We however, believe that the care you get makes a difference. Proper care may cost you more on the front end but can save time and money in the long run.

Purchasing hearing aids is not like buying a pair of glasses. Correcting hearing is much more complicated because it requires ongoing care. Taking the right steps avoids many pitfalls. With proper instruction and fit, the odds are in your favor for success.

Make certain that you are comfortable with the Audiologist and the staff that greets you. Do business with people that you like because you will be spending a lot of time together. Ask questions. Find out the days and hours of operation. Inquire as to the Audiologist’s background and experience. Ask if they provide same day service and offer loaners. Is the equipment they use calibrated on a regular basis? Ask if they use speech mapping or take real ear measurements. See what other patients say by reading online reviews. Check out their website.

There’s a lot involved in making a decision to select the best solution. A proper hearing test is an important base to build on. Ear anatomy, dexterity, and lifestyle are just a few points of consideration in the decision process. Your overall health should be foremost in creating a plan for followup.

Hearing aids and Audiologists are two-thirds of your success. The final part is you and your participation. The recipe for success is when you are ready to begin your journey with an Audiologist who designs a solution for you. Today’s technology is amazing and in the right hands, but the path to better hearing begins when you are ready to commit fully. When you are ready, we will be too.