Having trouble hearing?

If the answer is YES, then there is help!

If a medical professional has told you that there is no help for your hearing, it’s time for a second opinion.

When you seek advice from a hearing professional because you are having difficulty hearing and you are told that you can’t be helped, take your ears to another clinic.

If you have tinnitus and you are informed that you “just have to live with it”, schedule an appointment to see another doctor.

If you are told that your loss of hearing is normal and it happens to all of us, look for someone who listens to you and offers help.

When a doctor looks at your hearing test results which are clearly abnormal and you are told “it’s not bad enough to seek help”, it’s time to schedule an appointment elsewhere.

If you are not ready to seek treatment or don’t want to follow through with a recommendation from a professional, that should be your choice. But you should be presented with all of the options to make your own informed decision.

Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Seek the care of a professional who listens to you.