An elderly woman getting personalized hearing aid fitting by her favorite audiologist

Any product you purchase is simply a commodity and a hearing aid is a perfect example of this. When it comes to hearing health care, the hearing aid is only part of the solution. Personal care is what contributes to success. In the right hands, and with proper expectations, achieving goals is possible. In the wrong hands, an improperly fit hearing aid will result in a less than satisfactory experience. We see this every day.

Why bring this up? Because self treating will roll out in 2020 which will allow for affordable access to hearing care. Those with mild hearing losses will benefit from the newest wave of over the counter solutions. However, anyone with a significant hearing loss will most always require the care of an Audiologist. We can design a solution that is tailored specifically to meet your needs.

Ensuring success with better hearing requires more than just the hearing aid. Better hearing involves expertise of the right professional who will learn what is important to you. Not only is it important to fit to prescription using the right equipment, but assuring that the ears are always clear, the hearing aids are clean and that the hearing aids are performing properly. Success can be elevated by the relationship developed between the audiologist and patient.

Taking the steps to improve hearing is a prudent decision because treating a loss of hearing is associated with better health outcomes. There is a wealth of research that suggests there are negative consequences of untreated hearing loss. Why take the risk?

Alone, a hearing aid is simply a commodity. It’s easy to purchase anything on the internet. Personalized care is something you won’t find online & what turns a hearing aid into more than just a product. Our patients will tell you it’s worth the investment.