The most common question we get asked each week is, “Since I’ve been here last, have there been any changes in technology that will help me hear better?” The answer is a resounding “YES!” There have been a handful of remarkable products released over the past few months, so we’ve devoted a portion of the newsletter to educate you on a few of these new advancements.

Better hearing in noise — a new development in technology that changes everything!

The number one complaint that most hearing aid wearers share is the difficulty they have hearing in a noisy environment. We now offer a ground-breaking solution that allows the brain to choose which sounds to focus on and which sounds to ignore. Clinical studies prove 30% better understanding of listening to speech in noise* with 20% less listening effort**. The patients we have fit have been thrilled!

It is important to understand that individually we all have a different ability to hear in noise. At Audiology Associates, we routinely measure hearing in noise when we complete a hearing evaluation so that we can determine which solutions are right for you

A new, affordable remote microphone

Now that we have smarter hearing technology, we can help you hear multiple speakers with greater ease, lower the volume of your TV, and make sure that you hear a single voice in the car or someone talking to you at a distance — even if you are not talking face to face. Imagine sitting at a table of six in a noisy restaurant and hearing most of the conversation!

Think about visiting another family member and clearly hearing every word on their TV! The accessory that makes this possible is called a remote microphone.

Many remote microphones are a substantial investment because they require additional accessories to make it compatible with your hearing aids. The sound quality and ease of use is remarkable with the latest microphone. We have had wonderful reviews from about a dozen of our patients and their families who are currently using this product.

Internet-connected and smartphone hearing devices!

We now offer an additional level of connectivity, as the first Internet-connected hearing aid was recently introduced. This technology uses IFTTT! All of the latest made for iPhone® hearing aids are at our fingertips and are available in most styles, from custom to behind-the-ear. If you are an Android™ user, we can customize options that are available for you.

If you have trouble hearing on your smartphone, this technology could be a great solution for you. Our patients tell us that hearing on the phone through both ears is amazing and sometimes life changing.

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iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
* • **Compared to AGXO h330v2 series