Dr. Sheri Gostomelsky posing next to some statues

Experiencing difficulty with a slight hearing loss

Dr. Mark Christian tests the hearing of Dr. Sheri GostomelskyLast week I had my hearing evaluated before we opened our doors. It is always quite an experience when I find myself sitting on the other side of the sound booth. What inspired me to share my story is this; if you have a slight hearing loss and experience difficulty, you may be able to improve the way you hear.


Another miss

There’s always that one thing that makes us take action. Mine was missing conversation while in the Denver airport last month. A pilot and two flight attendants were standing behind me and I did not hear them asking me to step aside. Granted, airports are noisy places, but my husband clearly had no problem hearing their plea and finally pulled me aside. How embarrassing.

Hearing at a distance is also a growing concern for me. At home, my family asked me why I hadn’t taken out the dog who was crying by the back door. Another miss.

“What and hunh” have become frequent words in my vocabulary. These examples may seem trivial but when we don’t hear, there are consequences.


Adapting to new technology

I have been wearing hearing aids for three days. The devices are comfortable and I really don’t think about them. Sometimes, I have awareness that there is something in my ears. I’m pleased that sounds are natural and I chuckle when I hear my hair rustle as it brushes across the microphones. Patients remark that this happens all the time. When I talk too loud, my voice sounds a little tinny. This too is a common complaint.

I have traveled down busy streets, walked in the wind and last night had dinner at Sun Wah. If you’ve ever dined there, you know that it’s a very noisy place. I can say that in all of these environments, I heard well. In Andersonville, I had one miss while walking through. I didn’t hear another person talking from behind. I have to remind myself that even people with perfectly normal hearing don’t always catch everything.

When I removed the hearing aids last night, the room seemed quite still. It’s hard to explain, but there was clearly a feeling that without them, I lost connection. I don’t know how else to describe it. My husband still teases me if I ask him to repeat what he’s said. He wants to know if I’m wearing my hearing aids.


A common problem now has a solution

On a serious note, there are individuals like myself who report challenges with their hearing and have minimal loss at best. When a patient struggles beyond what we expect from test results, helping to achieve better hearing is certainly possible. 10 years ago, anyone with my profile of hearing and list of concerns would have been given a bit of counseling and sent home. Today’s technology is amazing and keeps getting better. I’m glad to be having an experience that I can share as I’m still finding my way.

If you haven’t had your hearing checked, you should. Contact us today. After all, wouldn’t you like to know what’s happening all around you?