Woman with big ears is good at listening

Hearing aids are not what they used to be. I can’t tell you how excited we get when a new patient approaches us looking to improve their hearing or when our existing patients are ready to replace their current devices. And just like computers, technology changes rapidly.

If you have a smart phone, we can connect your hearing aids to it. No more headphones. Listen to music, podcasts, chat or have a conversation without using your speaker phone. Hearing aids finally do an incredible job separating speech from noise. There are apps That allow you to control how you hear, monitor and track your health or do language translation in real time. Hearing aids are discreet. If changing batteries is a concern, there are numerous solutions with rechargeable batteries. And, there are even hearing aids that require no care or maintenance. Imagine hearing 24/7.

Today’s technology is amazing. I’m happy to report that satisfaction with hearing aids in the U.S. is at an all time high. These aren’t your grandmother’s hearing aids, unless of course your grandma recently was fit with new technology. If you’ve been waiting or procrastinating, the time is now.

Remember that the product is only part of the solution and your success. Satisfaction is proportionate to the care you receive. Do it right the first time. Schedule an appointment to see an Audiologist and it will change your life.