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Most of us wait too many years before we decide that it is time to take charge and do something about our hearing. Changes to hearing can happen very gradually. Most often we are the last ones to realize that there is something that needs to be done. The good news is that when steps are taken to improve hearing, there are documented positive impacts to overall health.

Better hearing leads to better relationships. The ability to share feelings, express opinions and emotions can intensify our personal connections. Missing or misunderstanding a conversation, can lead to negative consequences. Socialization improves relationships and is tied to better health outcomes.

Consider the benefits of better hearing to personal safety. There is a correlation between increased hospitalization and untreated hearing loss. The risk of falling is reduced when hearing loss is treated with hearing aids. A loss of hearing also requires closer proximity in order to capture the sounds around us. As an example, when an emergency vehicle approaches, it takes a longer time to hear the siren for a person with hearing loss. Reaction time and environmental awareness can be improved with better hearing.

Improved hearing is correlated with a better quality of life. Studies show that wages are higher, physical intimacy improves, there is amplified confidence along with increased emotional and physical health.

Listening to new sounds is great for brain health. Stress and anxiety is reduced when we don’t have to listen so hard. There is also more energy at the end of the day. Straining to hear what others are saying takes extra effort and can be quite tiresome.

Life is certainly easier when there are no barriers to communication. Now that we are donning masks in public, these challenges are much more apparent for many of us. If you notice that you are missing conversation, make an appointment to get your hearing checked. See an Audiologist. You’ll be glad that you did.