A man is about to insert an invisible-in-canal hearing aid into his ear

If you currently wear hearing aids and have a hard time inserting them into your ear canal, here are a few tips.

If an impression of your ear was taken for a hearing aid or earmold, it was designed for a perfect fit. A custom-built product is like a puzzle piece. If it’s not in correctly, it’s wrong. You can’t force it because it is only meant to fit one way.

If your hearing aid or earmold is inserted incorrectly, you may hear unwanted noises or worse yet, create discomfort or irritation. A small amount of water based lubricant can aid with proper insertion.

Products like OtoeaseTM or Ear-gelTM can be purchased from your Audiologist. One drop is usually enough for both ears. Put the gel around the earpiece avoiding the tip.

Using lubricant will help to guide the device into the right place.

Many fittings are behind-the-ear with a small wire or tube that leads into the ear canal. If you have a disposable ear piece, there are many varieties that can be interchanged. Changing the size or shape of the earpiece may allow for easier insertion. Ordering a custom earpiece is another option. And using Ear-gel with either type can help.

Practice does help. We’re always told not to put anything smaller than an elbow in our ears, so most of us are not quite at ease inserting hearing devices for the first time.

If you need help, schedule an appointment to see an Audiologist. We’ve got lots of tricks to show you.