Family watching TV

If everyone thinks that you have the television turned up too loud, it’s a sign that your hearing is changing. When your neighbors can hear what you are watching on your TV, it’s time to take action! I remember checking in on a family member after setting up a TV device earlier that day. When I asked how she was doing, her reply was “I’ve not gotten out of this chair since you left. I don’t remember the last time I enjoyed watching TV this much and I hear every word!”

There are wireless headsets to help you. These assistive products come in all shapes and sizes and vary in price. Some fit over the ear and some hang under the chin. If having something in your ear isn’t comfortable, check out wireless speakers. Most solutions are easy to install, even with a flat screen or wall mounted TV. Home theaters can be tricky and may require the expertise of a professional installer.

Even with the best fit of hearing aids, understanding the TV may be difficult. Hearing aids that are equipped with a telecoil are the perfect solution when you install a hearing loop. All that you need is a handy friend or family member and a kit to do it. Or there are companies that do professional installations.

Using closed captions is another option. It is not always the perfect solution but certainly worth it when you are trying to understand rapid speech or accents. Closed captioning is highly recommended when you decide to binge watch a show like Peaky Blinders.

Once you’ve taken the plunge, you’ll be surprised how much you missed before investing in a solution. And just imagine what else you aren’t hearing. I think it’s time for you to get your hearing checked.