Losing a hearing aid is devastating.

After all, you’ve made a significant financial investment in treating your hearing.

Here are some suggestions to help in the event of a loss along with a few tips to prevent a loss from happening in the first place.

Loss or damage insurance policies

Most professionally fit hearing aids come with a loss and damage policy which covers replacement. Check with your Audiologist and ask if you are still under warranty. If the answer is “no”, call your insurance agent and find out if you have coverage through your homeowners or renters insurance. Your policy may pay for a portion of the loss.

If you have no coverage and worry about losing an existing hearing device, there are several insurance plans specific to hearing aids. Your Audiologist can provide you with information to get you started. If the hearing aid is over four years old, you’d be wise to look at the latest technology. The difference in hearing with a newer product is usually remarkable.

The non-losable hearing aid

Another consideration for those who constantly lose their hearing aids is switching to Lyric hearing, a hearing aid worn 24-7. This way there’s nothing to lose! There are no batteries to change and there is no maintenance other than seeing your Audiologist every 6 to 12 weeks.

Other technology-based solutions


To prevent a loss, here are a few suggestions. Many new products have a “Find my hearing aid” feature using GPS through a smartphone. You will be shown the last known location which will help avoid unnecessary footwork in your search.

Tether and tile

A solution that’s not as popular but very effective is connecting a tether and tile to the hearing aids. This method will help locate the hearing aid when the tile is paired to a smart phone. Most hearing aids can be modified to accommodate the tether. The tether when attached to clothing, provides added security.


To prevent loss, always put your hearing aids in the same dedicated place. Keep the hearing aids away from pets and young children. When removing a hat, taking glasses on and off, or lifting a sweater over your head, always check to see that the aids are still in place. And never wrap the hearing aids in a tissue. It amazes me how many times hearing aids end up in the trash.

Protect your investment by taking special care of your purchase.

If you lose a hearing aid, don’t give up looking. The odds are with you that it will be found. Be sure to reach out to your Audiologist if you need advice. We’re here to help you.