When you’re sitting around the Thanksgiving table this year, pay attention to the friends and family that surround you. All of the chatter and plates that are passed can make conversation difficult for someone with a loss of hearing. If you notice that one of your guests is quiet and not engaged in conversation, it may be that they are having trouble hearing what’s being discussed.

Many people with untreated hearing loss will shy away from conversation when they know it will be a challenge to hear. If the hearing loss is severe enough, they may not even know a conversation is taking place. If you see them sitting alone after the meal this is another red flag for hearing loss.

When you notice behaviors that lead to suspicion of hearing loss, there are things you can do to help. At the dinner table, get their attention by calling their name before you begin speaking. Look directly at them and speak slowly and distinctly. If the television is on, mute the sound. Turn down the music. Sit close. Engage in conversation to make them feel part of the festivities.

Even with the best fit of hearing aids, noisy environments may always pose challenges. There are solutions to help but nothing replaces a set of ears with normal hearing.

It’s hard for most of us to admit when we need assistance with our hearing. It is important on so many levels to take steps to treat a hearing loss. See an Audiologist. We’d love to help.