A woman holds still while her audiologist examines her ear with an otoscope

The misfortune of losing hearing in one ear is a game changer. Single sided hearing loss is an occurrence that may be related to head trauma or a virus. Any sudden change in hearing should be treated as a medical emergency as the window of opportunity for recovery is limited. Never wait for resolve. Instead, schedule a hearing test and consult an ear nose and throat specialist, or Otolaryngologist immediately. If the loss of hearing is gradual and one sided, make an appointment with an Otolaryngologist for proper evaluation and followup.

If hearing does not recover to normal, don’t let anyone tell you that there is nothing that can be done to help. Available solutions include implants and specially made hearing aids. When the loss of hearing presents favorable for an implant, a qualified surgeon can offer appropriate solutions. An Audiologist can design a treatment plan which includes amplification through hearing aids.

It is true that nothing will ever be as good as the two ears you are born with. There are limitations to these solutions. Even with the best treatment, localizing or knowing the direction of sound is impossible when hearing is lost in one ear. Understanding speech in a noisy environment will always be difficult for a one eared listener. But there is an advantage to hear when someone is speaking to you on your poorer side in a quieter environment. It can relieve the stress of always putting your best ear in an advantageous position.

If you or someone you know has lost hearing in one ear, see an Audiologist. Let us help you discover what is possible.