Woman drinking coffee in cafe and talking on cell phone

Whether you use a cell phone or land line, a common complaint is not hearing conversations clearly on the telephone. Most phones have a volume control but sometimes that’s not enough.

When you hold a cell phone to your ear it makes a big difference where you place the phone. Cell phones have a very small opening on the earpiece to deliver sound. If that opening is lined up with your ear canal, the sound will be perceived as much louder.

Consider in investing in a wireless headset or earbuds for your cell phone. If what you choose is not comfortable or doesn’t fit well, your Audiologist can design a pair of custom earmolds for a perfect fit. Listening through both ears will allow for the very best hearing and will help to reduce background noise.

With any phone, activating the “speaker phone” will make a big difference because it allows for listening with two ears instead of one. The person on the other end may be annoyed because the connection will not sound as crisp on their end.

If you are a hearing aid wearer, ask your Audiologist if your hearing aids are equipped with a telecoil. This will establish a great connection. Most of the new hearing aid technologies are direct to iPhone and more recently to most Bluetooth phones. A wireless direct connection is a feature that many hearing aid wearers enjoy.

In the state of Illinois, you are entitled to an amplified phone, caption phone or cell phone amplifier at no charge. Go to the Illinois Telecommunication Access Center website for an application.

We don’t want you to miss a word during phone conversations. If you need help, your Audiologist will be happy guide you. Our doors are open.