We often hear, “My friends bought their hearing aids at a big box store. Why shouldn’t I do the same?” It’s just a piece of electronics you may say. Yes, the product is part of the equation. And if cost is your only focus, it’s a way to get started.

From my perspective, success comes from three factors. The first one is you which includes your motivation and willingness to succeed. If you are not ready to make the commitment to better hearing, the time isn’t right. We all hear the joke about hearing aids in a dresser drawer. That’s a bad investment. Don’t make that mistake.

Second is the Audiologist you choose. If “best practices” are followed in evaluating your hearing, proper treatment is initiated and follow-up care is part of the process, you will be successful. Granted, not all of us need the same amount care but it is important that the devices are fit correctly and that follow up is timely and appropriate. An Audiologist will have all of the proper tools and equipment to make the right recommendations.

Third is the product. Devices made by the tried and true hearing aid manufacturers are of high quality. In the hands of a skilled Audiologist, your success is assured. And in my opinion, the product itself is only as good as the Audiologist who fits it.

Each of these factors weighs on your success, however the focus should not be on the product at hand, the focus should be on you! Goals for better hearing need to be realistic. If the evaluation was done properly, and you are ready to start your journey to better hearing, the Audiologist will be confident in setting you up for success. We’re ready and waiting for you.