Hearing Aid Batteries

Everything You Wanted To Know About Hearing Aid Batteries and Were Afraid To Ask

Anyone who wears a hearing aid needs a battery to power it. There finally are great rechargeable solutions. And if you’re lucky enough to wear Lyric, you’ll never have to change a battery!

There are rechargeable batteries which are removable by the consumer and rechargeable batteries that are built into the device. Rechargeable batteries which can be removed and swapped with a traditional battery have just that advantage. This type of battery requires replacement annually. Otherwise, lithium ion batteries that are built into the hearing aid will last 4-6 years. When it’s time to replace the battery, the hearing aid gets sent back to the manufacturer.

Most hearing aids on the market use zinc air batteries. Zinc air batteries are available at your local Audiology office, big box stores or the pharmacy. Always look carefully to check the expiration date on the package. Fresh batteries will be dated four years ahead of the current year. In my experience, reduced battery life with an older package is most noticeable with size 10, the yellow tab batteries.

Zinc air batteries have a paper tab which needs to be removed before use. Letting the battery breathe for a full minute helps with performance. The battery has small holes to allow for oxygen. And if you don’t dispose of the paper tab, it will probably end up on your shoe, in your hair or attached to clothing!

Hearing aid batteries can be recycled. We have collected them in our office for years. There is no harm to dispose of them in the garbage, but keeping batteries out of the landfill is something we can all do.

Ask your Audiologist about rechargeable solutions, Lyric hearing or recycling batteries. We’d love to help.