Friends communicating with hearing loss

Taking the first step to treat your hearing can take you down many paths. You can make the choice to see an Audiologist or decide to select a product on your own, without the help of a professional.

If you choose to select your own hearing device, that’s fine because an Audiologist can evaluate most any product that you purchase. There are scientific and proven ways to measure the performance of hearing aids. To do things right, it all should start with a proper hearing test.

You can’t just turn on a hearing aid and know that it’s working right. Part of this has to do with simple acoustics. Remember when you were a kid and you rolled up a piece of paper and talked into it? If the paper was long and tapered, your voice would sound sharp and strident. If the paper tube was short, your voice would sound richer and deeper. Taking measurements in the ear canal is what can make the difference, especially if your hearing aids can be adjusted.

Each of us has our own unique ear anatomy. Just like fingerprints, no two ears are the same. It is impossible to put a pair of hearing aids in your ears and know that they are adjusted the right way. With hearing aids purchased on line or over the counter, it is possible to evaluate performance.

Whatever you do to improve your hearing, make the investment to see an Audiologist. We will evaluate performance of your hearing devices and set you up with realistic expectations. And, whatever your choices are, we look forward to seeing you.