Dr. Christian was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs by two deaf parents. He learned sign language at a young age and saw how hearing loss affected communication and impacts relationships. Situations like this drove Dr. Christian to pursue a career in helping those with hearing loss.

The utilization of best practices is imperative in this field, which is why Dr. Christian joined Audiology Associates of Deerfield in 2014. Staying up to date with treatment and technology has allowed Dr. Christian to maximize patient outcomes in the treatment process and customize treatment based on each person’s unique needs.

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Mark Christian, Au.D.


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Audiology Associates of Deerfield Makes It Easy for You To…

  • Ensure your hearing care adheres to best practices
  • Get personalized recommendations from beginning to end
  • Improve your hearing with the results you expect and deserve

What Are Hearing Aid Best Practices?

Every industry has established best practices, as Dr. Cliff describes in the following video. Audiology Associates of Deerfield has been following hearing care best practices since our establishment in 2001. We pride ourselves on consistently providing a superior level of care for the patients we serve. You can read more about the benefits of using best practices in the next section.

How Do Best Practices Improve Hearing Care Outcomes?

An audiologist examines a young woman's ear with an otoscope

Assessment & Goal Setting

Our process includes four steps; an in-depth interview and case history, a thorough examination of your ears, a hearing evaluation, and a functional communication needs assessment. We will discuss candidacy for hearing treatment and options that are appropriate for you.

A young lady tries on a hearing aid with the help of an audiologist

Technical Aspects of Treatment

Our hearing technology recommendations will take into account your hearing ability, needs, and lifestyle preferences. We test all of our devices in specialized equipment and verify through Real Ear Measurement Testing. It is our job to ensure that your hearing needs are properly met which may include adding accessories and assistive listening devices.

An audiologist gives a hearing aid orientation to an older man

Orientation, Counseling, & Follow-up

During your orientation, you will receive instruction on and get to practice many aspects of what it’s like to use hearing aids. As part of your hearing care, you will receive expert guidance on what to expect while wearing hearing aids, along with follow-up care like reprogramming and clean & checks on a regular basis.

A young man smiles while his mother discusses her hearing aid experience to her audiologist

Assessing Outcomes

Benefit evaluation ensures that you are satisfied with your hearing aids and the experience you are having with them. You deserve the best, which is why our treatments are fully guaranteed, meaning we are committed to listening to your concerns and your devices are always perfectly fit to renew your world of hearing.

See How Dr. Christian Has Helped Patients Benefit from Improved Hearing

“Dr. Mark Christian and Deerfield Audiology are an example of a top-notch audiology practice. A high level of professionalism and customer service ‘above and beyond’ set them apart from other offices. Dr. Mark is wonderful to work with – he takes his time to explain, compare, adjust, and listen to your concerns. They recently helped me in an ’emergency’ situation when my dog chomped my hearing aid and I had an important event in a matter of hours. Not every office would have stepped up. A wonderful group that honestly cares about their patients”

– Pat R.

“From the moment we walked in the door and were greeted by Susan at the front desk, we knew this was going to be a wonderful experience. Susan is the first person you meet and she is a gem. Doctor Mark is an outstanding Audiologist. He explains everything you need to improve your hearing. He is very kind and spends all the time making you feel comfortable with your choice and guidance of the hearing aids that are best suited for your hearing loss. It is hard to comes to terms knowing you have a hearing loss. Dr. Mark is so honest and you feel that he really cares about helping you. The whole office is so warm and friendly–it feels like family. We highly recommend this practice and we feel so lucky to be part of it. We know you will also have a wonderful experience. They are the very best.”

– Karen L. and Earl M.

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