Family enjoying holiday meal in Deerfield

“Why did I wait so long to see an Audiologist?” This is a question we hear repeatedly from satisfied patients. Most can’t believe how much they were missing and how easy it was to adapt to better hearing.

We’re told that the reason many people wait is because the thought of wearing hearing aids makes them feel old. Well surprise! Our patient load is getting younger. The stigma of wearing hearing aids is slowly changing.

Treating a loss of hearing can be a reminder of aging and it’s another thing to add to the list every day. But because hearing is tied closely to brain health and all over well being, taking steps to improve hearing is always a good decision.

Some imagine the ugly hearing aids of long ago. Others remember sitting next to a theatre patron whose hearing aid was whistling. Or the person at the bridge table who was always adjusting the volume on their hearing aids. Even the aunt at Christmas dinner who kept taking her hearing aids in and out. Or hearing aids that were unsightly because of poor fit.

Hearing aids are discreet. There are invisible solutions. Many can connect to your cell phone. Hearing aids are smart and know the difference between speech and noise. Most have management so that there are no unwanted noises.

A loss of hearing is much more obvious than a hearing aid. I’ve said this before and it bears repeating: “A loss of hearing makes you look old.” Imagine how it looks when you cup your ear, lean in, answer wrong, or add to a conversation what was already said. Take the “what huh” out of your conversation. Get evaluated by an Audiologist. We’re waiting to meet you.