Cheers To Better Hearing

With the holidays approaching, you may find yourself engaged in activities and in environments that are less than desirable for conversation. We’ve all noticed how restaurants are seemingly noisier and noisier. Even those of us with perfectly normal hearing may struggle. It is impossible to control everything, but here are a few tips to help make listening less of a challenge.

If there is a TV on or music in the background, ask your host if it can be turned down or turned off. If you are watching football, ask if the volume can be muted. This small request can make a significant difference in making for easier conversations. If you have a loss of hearing, let those around you know that it will help if they speak a little slower and face you directly. When choosing a seat for dinner, if it is possible, arrange to sit next to friends or family that you enjoy talking to.

When you find yourself dining out at your favorite restaurant, ask for seating in a well lit area. Request to sit in a quieter location. Some of these accommodations can be made if you call ahead. People with perfectly normal hearing experience difficulty conversing in noisy venues. If you wear hearing aids, and have directional microphones, sit with your back to the loudest noise as this will ease your ability to have a conversation.

It is difficult when there are numerous conversations, dishes and silverware clinking and clattering. Sometimes hearing across the table is impossible, especially when we are with a large number of people. Think about the lighting and where you sit. If you can control the music or TV, it will help. Try these suggestions to help enjoy the company of your friends and loved ones. Connecting with those around us is an important part of our health and well-being. If you find yourself struggling and you haven’t had a hearing exam, it’s time for you to see an Audiologist.

We’d love to help you.